AGENDA for the FIDE ARBITERS’ COMMISSION MEETING of 88th FIDE Congress Antalya, 8 October 2017
Tuesday, 24 October 2017 18:53
1. Arbiters' Commission Councilors' Meeting Minutes (Reykjavik, 21-24 April 2017)

2. IA and FA Title Applications.
-Recommendations for the EB.

3. FA titles from FIDE Arbiters' Seminars.
-Recommendations for the EB.
-List of Federations belonging to art. 3.10 (update)

4. Activities of the Commission.
-On line lectures for the new laws of Chess (in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish)
-On line Conference for the new laws of Chess

5. Amendments of the Regulations.
- Regulations for the titles of Arbiters
- Regulations for the classification of the Arbiters
- Regulations for the training of the Chess Arbiters.
-Anti cheating guidelines for Arbiters

6. Update of the List of Lecturers.
- Recommendations by Federations

7. Classification of the Arbiters.
- Lists of Arbiters' Upgrades per categories approved in the Congress

8. Arbiters' Magazine.
- Presentation of the fifth issue.

9. 2017 Arbiters' Manual.

10. Arbiters' Training Project
- Aris Marghetis Report

11. FIDE Arbiters' Commission's Budget for 2017-2018.

12. Others
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