Obituary for ΙΑ Eduard Dubov
Monday, 24 December 2018 10:17

With great sadness the FIDE Arbiters' Commission was informed that IA Eduard Dubov from Russia passed away on 22 December 2018.

The Commission expresses its sincere condolences to his family and to the Russian Chess Federation.

Eduard Dubov was a well known International Arbiter, a FIDE Honorary Member, a FIDE Lecturer and a famous mathematician.
He introduced the Dubov System for the pairings of the Swiss System tournaments, which was approved by FIDE.
He was Chief Arbiter in many top tournaments and Lecturer in many Arbiters' Seminars.

His contribution to the chess community was really great.

Let him rest in peace.
2018 LONDON FIDE Presidential Board decisions
Monday, 12 November 2018 07:21
Dear friends,

after the approval of the 2018 LONDON FIDE Presidential Board, please find attached:
(a). The approved recommendations of the FIDE Arbiters' Commission for the IA and FA title applications that had been submitted.
(b). The Direct FA titles from the FIDE Arbiters' Seminars that were approved by the PB
(c). The upgrades of the Arbiters' classification that were approved by the PB.

With best regards
Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters' Magazine No 7 – New edition of the 2018 Arbiters’ Manual
Tuesday, 11 September 2018 09:13
Dear friends,

The FIDE Arbiters' Commission has the pleasure to publish online the seventh issue of the Arbiters' Magazine. You can find it here:

Many thanks belong to the Secretary of the FIDE Arbiters' Commission IA Aris Marghetis, who was responsible for this issue of the Arbiters' Magazine, as he was for all the previous issues.

We would like kindly to invite the Arbiters, the Players, the Officials and all chess people to send us their comments, opinions, ideas, and cases that have come to their knowledge and are worth publishing in the Arbiters' Magazine.

Additionally you can find here the new edition of the 2018 Arbiters' Manual, which includes some necessary corrections and an updated text for the Anti cheating guidelines for Arbiters, regarding the previous edition.

Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters' Commission
Monday, 03 September 2018 09:31
The FIDE Arbiters' Commission has the pleasure to announce the nominees of the 2018 Arbiters' Awards.

The requirements for the Arbiters to be awarded were:

(a). to have obtained the IA title in 1983 or before 1983 (35 years of service as an IA)

(b). to have worked as an Arbiter in at least three (3) FIDE Major Events (Olympiads, World Championships).
The Arbiters to be awarded are (in alphabetical order):

IA Averbakh, Yuri (RUS) (IA title obtained 1969)

IA Cherif, Khemaies (TUN) (IA title obtained 1978)

IA Ghalayni, Emad (PLE) (IA title obtained 1982)

IA Krause, Christian (GER) (IA title obtained 1983)

IA Mejia, Julio Ernesto (COL) (IA title obtained 1974)

IA Schuering, Arthur Albert (NED) (IA title obtained 1979)

IA Shorek, Mordechai (ISR) (IA title obtained 1983)

IA Xu, Jialiang (CHN) (IA title obtained 1981)

The Awards Ceremony will take place during the General Assembly of the 2018 Batumi FIDE Congress (4 October 2018, 10.00 am) and the awarded Arbiters, or their representatives, are kindly requested to be present, in order to receive their awards.

Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters' Commission
2018 FIDE Arbiters’ Commission Councilors’ Meeting
Tuesday, 17 July 2018 10:00
2018 FIDE Arbiters Commission Councilors Meeting-1

Dear chess friends,

The 2018 FIDE Arbiters' Commission Councilors Meeting was held in Athens, Greece, from 29 June to 1 July 2018.
The meeting was held in one of the meeting rooms of the Athens Gate Hotel.

You can find the Agenda of the Meeting here.

You can find the Minutes of the Meeting here.

You can find the list of the nominees for the 2018 Arbiters' Awards here.

You can find IA Alex Holowczak's proposal here.

You can find IA De Volgaere's email here.

We would like to thank very much the FIDE Secretariat for the excellent organization of the Meeting and for the great hospitality that was provided to all participants.
2018 FIDE Arbiters Commission Councilors Meeting-2

Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters' Commission
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