2nd Global Strategy Commission's Meeting Print
Monday, 28 January 2019 12:47

FIDE GSC 2019  top

The second GSC meeting took place in Wijk aan Zee from January 25th to 27th 2019.

Arkady Dvorkovich (FIDE President)
Emil Sutovsky (GSC Chairman)
Bassem Amin
Ken Rogoff
Ignatius Leong
Darmen Sadvakasov
Pavel Tregubov
Jeroen van den Berg

The following topics have been discussed:

- Concrete steps approaching the corporate world

- Format and Bidding procedure for the World Championship Match and other Major FIDE events

- World Team Championship 2019 location

- Final structure of Candidates Tournament 2020 composition

- Dress code in official tournaments

- Grand Master title image

- Draw offer

- Asian chess boom

- Technical issues (tie-break and pairings systems for Swiss tournaments)

Many important decisions are submitted for the Presidential Board’s approval.