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Tuesday, 19 February 2019 13:08

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FIDE announces the updates approved by the Presidential Board:

1. The event will take place on the Isle of Man: October 8 (arrival) - October 22 (departure), 2019

2. 120 players will receive special conditions. 15 more players will get the conditions in line with the original 105 in the published Regulations, and these spots will be distributed as follows:

12 spots will be allocated to the qualifiers from the respective Continental Championships to be held in 2019:

Europe - 5
Asia - 3
Americas - 3
Africa - 1

If the players occupying top positions in these events will qualify anyways (by average rating or other criteria as per regulations), the spot(s) will go to the next placed participant(s) in the respective Continental Championship.

In addition, FIDE President gets the right to nominate 3 (three) players.

FIDE looks forward to an exceptional event in cooperation with and Isle of Man organizers.

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