Obituary - Milunka Lazarevic (1932 - 2018) Print
Saturday, 22 December 2018 08:55


On December 15 died Milunka Lazarevic, WGM, International Arbiter and FIDE Honorary member.

For many years she was among world best players and in Suhumi Candidates (1974) tournament missed opportunity to challenge world champion Nona Gaprindashvili. Before the last round she was one point ahead and her opponent offer a draw before the game. Her character did not allow such move and finally she lost but never regretted such decision.

Eleven times she was champion of Yugoslavia, with Yugoslav team she won silver medal in Split Olympiad 1963.

Extremely important job she did as a Сhairman of  Woman Commission 1970 - 1978. In that period FIDE made historical changes in woman chess as title of grandmaster, three instead two boards in Olympiads, candidates matches instead tournaments, Olympiads become just one event, no more separate for men and woman.

Boris Kutin
FIDE Honorary Member