Obituary - IM Khosro Sheikh Harandi Print
Wednesday, 09 January 2019 14:22


IM Khosro Sheikh Harandi of Iran, born 11 September 1950; passed away 8 January 2019.

Many times Champion of Iran, he was a member of the national team in five Chess Olympiads.

Harandi won twice the zonal FIDE tournaments held in Tehran (1975 and 1978).

He tied for 18-20th at Manila 1976 (interzonal; Henrique Mecking won). In 1977, he tied for 1st-3rd in Netanya. In 1978, he tied for 4-5th in Baguio. In 1979, he took 15th place in Rio de Janeiro (interzonal; Lajos Portisch, Tigran Petrosian and Robert H├╝bnerwon).

He was awarded the International Master title in 1975 and FIDE Senior Trainer title in 2009.

He won the first Asian Senior Championship in 2010 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Harandi was head coach of Iranian top Players in recent years, when many world and Asian Youth medals were won by his students.

After the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian Chess Federation re-opened in the year 1988 and for the first four years he was General Secretary, and helped to develop chess in Iran.

Khosrow was a true chess lover and he devoted all his life to chess.

He will never be forgotten.

By Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh
President of Iran Chess Federation