Alex McFarlane

Alex McFarlane is a retired secondary school teacher. His subjects were Maths and

He is the Chief Arbiter of the UK Chess Arbiters’ Association (CAA). He also looks after the CAA website and edits its newsletter ‘Arbiting Matters Too’.

He is the Principal Arbiter of Chess Scotland and a Senior Arbiter of the English Chess Federation.

Alex regularly does weekend congresses throughout Britain. At the Hastings Masters he leads the arbiting team and is on the organizing committee.

Internationally he has been an arbiter at a number of Olympiads and at the Candidates in Kazan. He organized the Commonwealth Championships in 2014 in Glasgow.

As a FIDE lecturer he has conducted seminars throughout Britain and has also led courses in Cape Town, Prague and Ulaanbaatar. He has also given national arbiter courses in Scotland and England.