Selection of Arbiters in FIDE Events 2024-2025: GREEN Panel

According to the FIDE Regulations for the Appointment of Arbiters in World Events (B.06.4), arbiters selected for the Green Panel are eligible to be appointed as:
1) Chief Arbiter of category A tournaments
2) Any role that members of the Blue Panel, Red Panel or Yellow Panel may be appointed to

The Green Panel will be composed of 25 arbiters, all of whom must be Category A. The Green Panel will be used to appoint:
1) The Chief Arbiters of all Category A tournaments
2) The equivalent number of positions as Chief Arbiters in Category B tournaments

LIST OF ARBITERS / GREEN PANEL (alphabetical order of federations, then name):

Table by Visualizer

Note: one spot is not occupied and during the cycle one arbiter can be added to green panel.