The Arbiters’ Manual

Since the first edition published in 2013, the Arbiters’ Manual has been a reference for thousands of chess arbiters worldwide. It has been evolving over time, adding regulations, sharing examples or comments, removing obsolete parts …

Year after year, it has been aggregating the experience of colleagues passionately investing their energy in making the manual better! More than a teamwork, our manual is a concrete illustration of the FIDE motto: Gens Una Sumus 􏰁 we are one family. One family with other commissions who produce regulations that we have to apply in tournaments; and especially with arbiters sharing various views or feedback. Thank you all for your contribution in helping our sector to grow!

Evolutions of the Arbiters’ Manual are placed under the leadership of Shohreh Bayat.

The Arbiters’ Magazine

The Arbiters’ Magazine is a periodical publication by the Arbiters’ Commission including articles from tournaments, clarifications on new regulations etc.

Every colleague is encouraged to contribute by sending articles.

The Arbiters’ Magazine is prepared under the leadership of Aris Marghetis.