Selection of Arbiters in World Events 2024-2025: RED Panel

According to the FIDE Regulations for the Appointment of Arbiters in World Events (B.06.4), arbiters selected for the Red Panel are eligible to be appointed as:
1) Sector Arbiter or Pairing Officer of category A tournaments
2) Deputy Chief Arbiter of category B tournaments
3) Any role that members of the Yellow Panel may be appointed to

The Red Panel will be composed of 60 arbiters, all of whom must be Category A or B. The Red Panel will be used to appoint:
1) The Deputy Chief Arbiters of all Category B tournaments not assigned to the Blue Panel
2) The Sector Arbiters and Pairing Officer
a) in all Category A tournaments
b) of twice the equivalent number of positions from a) in Category B tournaments

LIST OF ARBITERS / RED PANEL (alphabetical order of federations, then name):

Table by Visualizer

Note: two spots are not occupied and during the cycle one arbiter can be added to red panel