Team ARB: Nebojsa BARALIC

Nebojsa Baralic

Nebojsa Baralic is a mechanical and IT engineer, National Candidate Master (Elo rating: 2226), International Arbiter, International Organizer and FIDE Instructor.

He has been the Secretary of the FIDE Arbiters` Commission since the end of 2018.

The Serbian Institute for the Improvement of Education and Upbringing has appointed him the official coordinator of the project introducing chess as an elective subject in primary school. He has provided invaluable contributions to university chess programs as well, and his efforts have always been geared toward the organization of events for the benefit of university chess teams and the promotion of chess and education.

The list of official international events for which he was an arbiter, organizer and webmaster is quite impressive: FIDE Candidates Tournament 2020 (unfinished), 28th World Senior Chess Championship 2018, European Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship 2018,  17th European Senior Team Championship 2017, International Chess Tournament PEP 2017, 21st European Chess Club Cup for Women, 20th European Chess Club Cup for Women, 27th World Summer Universiade 2013, World Youth Chess Championship 2012, etc.