129th Internet Based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar (WOM, Balkan, and ALB)

March 10, 2023 – March 12, 2023 all-day
Yilmaz Kartal
129th Internet Based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar (WOM, Balkan, and ALB) @ online

The 129th Internet-based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar is going to be organized from 10/03/2023 to 12/03/2023 by the FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess, Balkan Chess Federation &Albanian Chess Federation, under the auspices of FIDE.

The Lecturer will be IA Nikolopoulos, Panagiotis (GRE), FIDE Lecturer, Assistant of Lecturer will be IA Prevenios, Mihail (GRE), and Local Assistant of Lecturer will be IA Lopang, Tshepiso (BOT).

The language of the Seminar will be English.

The Seminar will give norms and titles of FIDE Arbiter, according to the Regulations for the titles of Arbiters.

The Seminar is organized by WOM, Balkan Chess Federation and Albanian Chess Federation.

Only women National Arbiters have the right to participate!

Each federation from Balkan Federation has the right to nominate one participant. Albanian Chess Federation as co-organizer has the right to nominate 2 participants. Each continent has the right to nominate 2 participants. (Africa, Asia, America, Europe).  Participation by nomination of the federation only! Participants should be National Arbiters, 18+.  In case of free spaces organizers will accept individual participations. No fee for participants.

To register federations should send application to: yilmazkartal@gmail.com


Friday, 10.03.2023
16:00 to 21:00 Laws of Chess

Saturday, 11.03.2023
10:00 to 12:00 Laws of Chess, Rapid, Blitz, Appendices
12:15 to 13:00 System of games
13:00 to 14:00 Tie break regulations
16:00 to 18:00 Swiss system, Pairings
18:15 to 19:30 Titles Regulations
19:45 to 21:00 Ratings regulations

Sunday, 12.03.2023
10:00 to 11:00 General Regulations for Competition
11:00 to 12:00 Arbiters’ titles
12:15 to 14:00 Fair play regulations
16:00 to 16:45 Review, Questions-Answers
17:00 to 21:00 Examination Test