Team ARB: Pablyto Robert Baioco RIBEIRO

Pablyto Robert Baioco Ribeiro

Pablyto Robert Baioco Ribeiro is a Lawyer, Professional Master Coach, International Arbiter and FIDE Lecturer.

He was Brazilian Chess Federation (CBX) President during 2009-2012 period. Actually, he is CBX’s Foreign Relations Vice President.

The list of official international events for which he was an arbiter/organizer is: World Youth Chess Championship (2011 and 2017), American Continental Chess Championship (2009 and 2019 – both as Chief Arbiter), Zonal 2.4 Women 2009 and Zonal 2.4 Open and Women 2011 (all as Chief Arbiter), Women Brazilian Chess Championship – Final (2012 and 2016 – Chief Arbiter), etc.