Team ARB (2018-2022): Ivan SYROVY

Ivan Syrovy

Ivan Syrový is an International Arbiter. He’s been the chairman of the Arbiters’ Commission Disciplinary Subcommittee since 2019. Previously, he was a member of this committee.

He has been a lawyer (advocate) for more than 10 years and published one book and more than 10 articles about the law.

Chess is not his only hobby. Ivan is a black belt holder (4th dan) in Taekwondo, and still active in international competitions in this martial art, also as an arbiter.

He participated in many chess tournaments as an arbiter – last four chess Olympiads (Istanbul, Tromso, Baku and Batumi) as a match arbiter. Also he was the chief arbiter at the World Youth Chess Olympiad U16 2016, the chief arbiter of the European Individual Women Chess Championship 2018, the chief arbiter of the European Youth Chess Championship 2019 and many IPCA world chess championships.