Team ARB (2018-2022): Leandro PLOTINSKY

Leandro Plotinsky

Leandro Plotinsky is a well known FIDE Chess Arbiter and Organizer within the whole Latin American region. Furthermore, he is the owner of an online chess shop website (Ventajedrez), and owner of Ventajederez Chess Publishing House which features more than 35 books up to date (The two last written by Boris Gelfand).

Leandro also produces several chess content such as videos and news in which he tackles chess regulations trough channels ajedrez12 and arbitrosdeajedrez.

As president of Torre Blanca Chess Club, he annually co-organizes with GM Ariel Sorin the “GRAFICA Yael GM and MI Masters”.
Magistral del Bicentenario 2010 (Cat XIII), 7° American Continenral Chess Championships 2012,   South American Youth Chess Championship 2012 ,   88 Argentino Championships Superior 2013 , Open Legislatura Ciudad de Buenos Aires 2014 (323 players), Copa Latinoamericana “Kirsan Iljumzhinov” 2015 , American Continental Rapid & Blitz 2016 , 48 Open Internacional Ciudad de Mar del Plata 2017 , Magistral Szmetan Giardelli 2018 (Cat XIII) are just a sample of Leandro´s performance as Arbiter and Organizer during the last 10 years.