FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Oslo (Norway)

February 25, 2022 – February 27, 2022 all-day
The Chess Federation Offices
Sandakerveien 24
EUR 40
Geir Nesheim
+47 482 22 572
FIDE Arbiters' Seminar in Oslo (Norway) @ The Chess Federation Offices

The FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar is going to be organized from 25/02/2022 to 27/02/2022 in Oslo, Norway, by the USF Academy (Norway Youth Chess Federation Academy) and the Norwegian Chess Federation, under the auspices of FIDE.
The venue of the Seminar is the Chess Federation Offices, Sandakerveien 24, Oslo.
The Lecturer will be IA McFarlane, Alex H (SCO), FIDE Lecturer.
The language of the Seminar will be English.
The Seminar will give norms and titles of FIDE Arbiter, according to the Regulations for the titles of Arbiters.


Friday, 25th

Laws  18.00-21.00

Saturday, 26th

Laws 09.00-10.30
Competition Rues 10.30-11.00
Games and tie breaks 11.00-12.00
Clocks 12.30-13.00
Ratings & Titles 13.00-15.00
Fair Play 15.00-15.30
Swiss Pairing 15.30-17.00

Sunday, 27th

Swiss Pairing 09.00-10.00
Arbiter Regulations 10.00-10.30
Revision 10.30-11.00
Exam 11.00-15.00