Annex31-Arbiters Commission Minutes of KHANTY-MANSIYSK FIDE CONGRESS


Annex 31



Arbiters’ Commission

25 September 2010, 11.00-13.00

Chairman: Panagiotis Nikolopoulos (GRE)

Present: Dr. De Ridder (BEL), S. Muradian (USA), A. Vardapetian (ARM), W. Stubenvoll (AUT), K. Deventer (GER), H. Turdialiev (UZB), H. Karimi (IRI), S. Chuit Perez (CUB), R. Hernandez (MEX), L. Blasco de la Cruz (ESP), R. Anantharam (IND), L. Wijesuriya (SRI), R. Joshi (NEP), R. Alt (GER), D. Solonkov (RUS), I. Bolotinsky (RUS), E. Dubov (RUS), H. Kurniadi (INA), D. Ambarukwi (INA), A. Hamid Majid (MSA), F. Dapiran (ITA), I. Tabarini (SMR), G. Boxall (GCI), W. Brown (USA), Y. Repin (RUS), J. Ochoa de Echaguen (ESP), V. Berezin (RUS), M. Kryukov (RUS), C. Jarecki (IVB), I. Vereschagin (RUS), C. Siang Philip (PHI), A. Nikoghosyan (ARM), Z. Nedev (BUL), R. Rajkoric (SLO), A. Filipowicz (POL), R. Smith (TRI), C. Krause (GER), G. Gijssen (NED), M. Pahlevanzadeh (IRI), G. van den Bergh (RSA), R. N. Barrera (ARG), E. Hernandez (GVA), M. Castro (CRC), H. Hamers (NED), E. Celi (URU), M. Abdurahim (UAE), A. Schuering (NED), A. Surender (SWE), A. Burstein (ISR)


The Chairman welcomed the participants of the meeting and mentioned that all subjects of the Agenda were discussed in the Commission’s Councillors’ meeting of Athens (12 August 2010) and all relevant papers were prepared in advance


1. IA and FA TAs

The list of applications was reviewed by the Council of the Commission.

The application of Iliev (BUL) is put on “hold” in order to wait for the reaction of the Bulgarian Chess Federation.

FA applications for candidates without a successful FA seminar were rejected according to the regulations.

2. IA and FA titles and norms from FIDE Arbiters’ Seminars

An overview for 2010 with 7 seminar (121 participants) is given. 16 FA Titles and 52 FA Norms are approved.

The list of the upcoming seminars was given. The seminar at the Olympiad (lecturer: Dirk De Ridder) is attended by 26 participants.

3. Internet based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar

A pilot internet based seminar was organized in July (lecturer Takis Nikolopoulos with the help of Sevan Muradian) with 17 participants from USA, Mexico and Canada. Questions were sent by the participants via email and were answered by the lecturer using the chat option. The exam was sent to the participants who had to reply within 3 hours. The questions of the exam were cases from over-the-board chess. Analogous to other seminars it was an open-book exam.

The Spanish federation also organizes national arbiters’ seminars using internet.

4. Amendments of the Regulations for the training of the Arbiters

The commission will discuss whether a seminar can be done in a non-FIDE language.. The exam, however, shall be in one of the eight official FIDE languages.

In the discussion of the Regulations for organizing internet based seminars, the chairman highlighted the issue regarding the “Technical Organizer” and its responsibilities.

5. Update of the List of Lecturers

According to the regulations this list has be updated every four years.

Dias (POR), Gibbons (NZL), McFarlane (SCO), Tovchyga (UKR), Tsorbatzoglou (GRE), Alafoo (BRN)

A number of other lecturers are urgently asked to organize a seminar before the 2011 Congress in Krakow (POL).

6. Classification of the Arbiters

The list with will be updated only upon recommendation by the federations. The current list will be presented to the General Assembly

7. Arbiters’ Commission’s website

It was proposed to make a website within the current FIDE website, having the same outlook as the FIDE Trainers’ website. The Arbiters Commission will set up the website in cooperation with the webmaster of the FIDE site. The website will include rules, applications, information  eminars, practical cases, a discussion forum, etc. A subcommittee is composed by Takis Nikolopoulos, Dirk De Ridder, Werner Stubenvoll, Klaus Deventer, Hadi Karimi, Blasco de la Cruz, Geurt Gijssen, Armen Nikoghosyan, Mehrdad Pahlevanzedah and Sevan Muradian.

8. Arbiters’ Manual

By the 2011 Congress in Krakow (POL) a first edition should be produced. Mr. Filipowicz proposes to make an electronic version in order to deal with the frequent changes to the different rules. A subcommittee is composed by Takis Nikolopoulos, Dirk De Ridder, Werner Stubenvoll, Geurt Gijssen, Ashot Vardepatian, Franca Dapiran, Mikko Markkula and Sevan Muradian,

9. FIDE Arbiters’ Commission’s Budget for 2011-2012

The proposed budget is 20000 €, which is higher than the previous one, because the commission would like to organize more seminars and in order to set up the website.

10. Other matters

  • The proposal of GM Lputian and ACP to award the title of IA to over 50 years old GMs after passing a theoretical exam was unanimously rejected.
  • The issue of Igor Vereshchagin will be checked by the chairman and the secretary of the Arbiters’ Commission.
  • The proposal of Mr. Mahmood Khorsid will be forwarded to Rules Committee as it is a matter of tie-break systems.
  • Replying to the question of Scotland and England the chairman informed that the Arbiters’ Commission is not responsible for the appointment of the Arbiters at the Olympiad.
  • Pre-arranged results of games (especially in team competitions) will be discussed in the Rules Commission.
  • Geurt Gijssen (ASEP) reported that different formats are currently applied in organizing FA seminar exams. This should be unified.



Chairman                                                                                                  Secretary

Panagiotis Nikolopoulos                                                                           Dirk De Ridder