Dear friends,

On 14 of June 2017 an online Conference was organized by the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission, in cooperation with the FIDE Rules Commission.

In this Conference a number of very experienced International Arbiters, mainly members of the FIDE Arbiters’ and Rules Commissions, were invited and participated.

You can see the list of participants here.

During the Conference interpretations and clarifications about the new Laws of Chess, valid from 1 July 2017, were discussed and agreed to be in effect.

The agreed points are the following:

1. By the new laws of Chess four (4) illegal moves are now in effect, according to the articles: 7.5.1, 7.5.2, 7.7.1 and 7.8.1.

2. In Standard chess the player is forfeited in case he completes two (2) of ANY of the above illegal moves.

3. However when there are two (2) illegal moves in one move (i.e. illegal castling made by two hands, illegal promotion made by two hands and illegal capturing made by two hands), they count as one (1) illegal move and the player shall not be forfeited at once (in Standard chess).

4. The capturing of the King is illegal move and is penalized accordingly.

5. In Rapid and Blitz games the Arbiter SHALL CALL the flag fall, if he observes it.

6. In case that the indications are 0.00 in both clocks and electronic clocks are used, the Arbiter has always the possibility to establish which flag fell first, with the help of the “-” indication. Therefore there is always a winner.
In case mechanical clocks are used then article III.3.1 of the Guidelines about games without increment including Quickplay Finishes shall be applied.

7. In case a game with reversed colors will end by normal means (by checkmate, stalemate, resignation or draw agreement, if allowed), before ten (10) moves will be played, then the result stands.

8. In case that a player presses the clock without making a move, as mentioned in the article 6.2.4, it is considered as an illegal move and it is penalized according to the article 7.5.3. and not according to the article 12.9

9. If a player makes a move with one hand and presses the clock with the other, it is not considered as an illegal move and it is penalized according to the article 12.9.

10. In Rapid and Blitz games, if the player asks from the Arbiter to see the score sheet, the clock should not be stopped.

IA Takis Nikolopoulos                                              IA Ashot Vardapetyan
Chairman                                                                Chairman
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission                                      FIDE Rules Commission