2017 Arbiters’ Manual

Dear friends,

The Arbiters’ Commission has the pleasure to publish the 2017 Arbiters’ Manual.
This Manual is a team work, in which some of the most experienced Arbiters such as R. Anantharam, F.Dapiran, T. Delega, A. Filipowicz, J. Mena, M. Prevenios, R. Ricca, W. Stubenvoll, A. Vardapetyan and T. Nikolopoulos contributed.

The excellent work of the Italian FA Mario Held about Swiss Dutch System has also been included.

The Manual includes everything necessary for an Arbiter to know. It includes the Laws of Chess with necessary interpretations, the Tournament Rules, the Swiss system and the pairings regulations with examples, the title regulations with examples of calculating norms, the rating regulations with example of calculating the ratings, the Arbiters’ titles regulations, the Anti cheating Guidelines, etc.

We hope that this Manual will be an important help to the Arbiters all over the world, in order to exercise their duties in the best way.

The Manual will be updated whenever it is necessary.

You are welcomed to send your comments, opinions, proposals regarding the Arbiters’ Manual to the Arbiters’ Commission (takisnik@yahoo.com).

Your help in our effort will be valuable.

IA Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission