FIDE ARB End of the Year recap – Day 1

Arbiter Seminars are very important in the focus of our Commission as their main purpose is to ensure the quality of future arbiters.

We held 63 seminars in 2019, grouping more than 1200 participants in 54 countries, and we are happy to see the global involvement to improve arbiters’ skills.

We held seminars for the first time in Afghanistan, Bahamas, Lesotho, Maldives, Saint Lucia, Sierra Leone, Switzerland and Turkmenistan! The Commission would like to thank the lecturers who contribute in spreading good practices and knowledge in trainings all over the world.

And today, we would like to recognize arbiters from “School and Amateur” championships:
World School Individual Championships 2019 in Antalya, Turkey (April)
World Amateur Championship 2019 in Colima (June)
wcss2019 lara
World School Individual Championships 2019
17-27/04/2019 Lara, Antalya – Turkey
Chief Arbiter: IA Atilla Gürmen (TUR)
wacc2019 colima
World Amateur Chess Championship 2019
29/06-07/07/2019 Mexico
Chief Arbiter: IA Enrique Zaragoza Martinez (MEX)