72nd Internet based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar (KEN) – Report

The 72nd Internet Based FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar (KEN) was held from 15th to 19th June 2020.
It was organized by the Kenya Chess Federation, under the auspices of FIDE.
The Lecturer was IA/IO Marghetis, Aris (CAN), FIDE Lecturer and the Assistant Lecturer was IA Sembei, Mutua (KEN).
The Language of the Seminar was in English.
Nineteen (19) arbiters from ten (10) Federations (CZE, GER, IND, ITA, JAP, NAM, RWA, TUR, ZAM and KEN) participated in the Seminar and all of them participated in the examination test, held after the end of the lectures.

The following succeeded in the test and they will be awarded a norm for the title of the FIDE Arbiter, after the approval of the next FIDE Council:

FIDE ID Name (as on FIDE Profile) FED
397229 Huna, Rostislav CZE
1272084 Brinkmann, Leonard GER
831760 Lombardo, Claudio ITA
10821406 Njeri Caroline KEN
10811214 Chege, Caleb KEN
6347096 Gulec, Engin TUR
26353946 Kurtulus, Kadri Merih TUR
33344892 Sandeep IND
44536526 Erol, Ahmet TUR
10809112 Maina, Franklin Wanjau KEN
15208788 Jacobus J Schutte. NAM
10802711 Bolo, Ronald KEN
10803734 Kionga, Anthony KEN