Minutes of the 2nd Arbiters’ Commission Meeting Krakow (Poland) October 19, 2011

Seven (7) out of thirteen (13) members of the Commission were present.



1. IA Application


The application for the IA title of Rezaie Ghale, Ahmad (IRI) that was submitted by the Iranian Chess Federation was recommended as YES.



2. Arbiters’ stipends


The Arbiters’ Commission core had a meeting with FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos, FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong and FIDE Vice President Ali Nihat Yazici.

This resulted in a new list of stipends, which differs slightly from the Annex that it is included in the FIDE Agenda. The list specifies the fees for Chief Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter, Arbiters and Assistant Arbiters for all type of competitions. It was proposed that for each tournament, with the exception of the National Individual (Men’s and Women’s) Championships, the National Team Championships and the National Schools and Youth Championships, the organizers will deduct 10% of the proposed Arbiters’ fee and pay this amount to FIDE. This “tax” will be equally shared between FIDE and the Continents. Part of the FIDE’s amount of money will go to the budget of the Arbiters’ Commission. For private tournaments the organizers will retain the right to negotiate the fee with the arbiters, but they will have to pay the “tax” according to this table.

Mr. Vereshchagin (RUS) asked for clarification for the definition of the Deputy Arbiter in the tournaments.

Mr. Muradian (USA) and Mr. Bond (CAN) expressed the opinion that the charge of the organizers will lead to the deduction of the tournaments that will be organized all over the world and thus to the deduction of the chess games. So FIDE, players and Arbiter will have no benefit out of this.

Mr. Markkula (FIN) and Mr. Boyd (FRA) said that the organizers of small tournaments will have difficulties in paying the amount of the 10% deduction to FIDE, since they usually pay smaller stipends to their Arbiters that the proposed.

Mr. Vardepatyan (ARM) proposed to clarify the definition for the exceptions, for example which stages of a national individual championship are exempted from the tax. It was agreed that the exceptions are referred to the highest divisions of the National Team Championships and the final stages of the Individual Championships.

Mrs. Stoisavljevic (SRB) asked with which competition the European Team Championship and the European Team Championship for Women has to be compared since both championships are played at one place with only one Chief Arbiter. In addition she asks with which competition the European Club Cup has to be compared. It was agreed to be added in the list two more Categories for the Continental Team Championships and the Continental Club Cups.

Mrs. Carol Jarecki (IVB) and Mr. Luxman Vijesurija (SRI) requested that the FIDE-titled Swiss for GM and IM norm (No 24 and 25 in the proposed list), Round Robin (26) and Swiss (27) shall be deleted.

Mr. Vereshchagin (RUS) proposed that there should be a reduction in the “tax” for CACDEC federations or new affiliated federations.

Chairman asked a vote whether the current table can be accepted (including the 10% reduction of the Arbiters’ fees, that the organizers have to pay to FIDE):

The proposal was supported by four(4) members of the Commission, while three (3) were against.

““““““““`Mr. Markkula asks that all changes are introduced on the first of July and not on the first of January.



3. Arbiters’ licence


Chairman P. Nikolopoulos explained the proposal and the fees for the license.

Inactive arbiters first have to pay the licence fee before they can conduct a tournament.   The information of licensed arbiters must be available when a national rating officer is registering a tournament to be rated.

Activity will be taken into account for all FIDE-rated events.

The proposal for the Arbiters’ License was unanimous accepted.




Panagiotis Nikolopoulos                                           Dirk De Ridder

Chairman                                                                     Secretary