1st Webinar for FIDE Lecturers

As part of the series of webinars hosted by the The Education Team of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission, a first Zoom session was scheduled on Tuesday, 17th November 2020.

This was a real success as twenty-eight (28) accredited FIDE lecturers participated and interaction between all participants was very interesting and enthusiastic. The Education Team of the Arbiters’ Commission was represented by Aris Marghetis (Member), Laurent Freyd (Chairman) and Shohreh Bayat (Councillor). Absent for medical reasons, the Leader of the Education Sector, Alex McFarlane, had made an important work of preparation which helped presenting the topics in a clear and complete way.

A great ‘thank you’ to all participants!

The focus was on the standardisation of FA Seminars worldwide. The second session is planned on Friday, 20th November 2020 at 15:00 CET with the same agenda and will group lecturers who couldn’t attend the first one.