Successful first steps for the ARB Lecturer Training Programme

4 webinars for FIDE Lecturers were hosted online between the 17th and the 22nd of November.

55 active FIDE Lecturers attended one of the sessions given by the Education Team of the ARB Commission. On a total population of 72, that’s the most encouraging support for the Commission’s work to improve the chess arbiter’s framework!

The topic was the training of FIDE Arbiters. The Commission shared views on harmonising seminars and the general vision about the sector. Participants were very active and enthusiastic in sharing their questions and views on teaching, exams and even supporting the development of National Arbiters when no curriculum exists.

A key concept was introduced and these webinars were organised as a concrete example of implementation: the Lecturer Training Programme (LTP). The idea is pretty simple: to offer networking and regular opportunities to learn and collaborate to all accredited lecturers and future lecturers. This way, the list of FIDE Lecturers will not be a simple list of people anymore, but a real team dedicated to the training of chess arbiters!

Our warm thanks to all Lecturers for their commitment !

Gens una sumus.