FIDE Arbiters’ Commission releases a new edition of the FIDE Arbiters’ Manual 2021

The FIDE Arbiters’ Commission is pleased to release the edition 2021 of the FIDE Arbiters’ Manual

This version contains updated regulations from the FIDE Handbook and two new chapters:
– FIDE Online Chess Regulations (Chapter 13) and
– Sample exam questions for FIDE arbiters (Chapter 14).

In this edition, all interested can find more educational chapters like a section by Professor Ken Regan about his Anti-cheating tool, and read more new comments and interpretations written by experienced arbiters. 

Structured in 14 Chapters, the topics have been reorganized to follow the preoccupations of the arbiters:
1. Governing play: Roles and duties, Laws of Chess, Anti-Cheating, Pairings
2. Players’ focus: Ratings and norms
3. Technical references: Tournaments and tie-breaks
4. Administrative: titles and classifications of arbiters, application forms

The FIDE Arbiters’ Commission warmly thanks all contributors (Alex McFarlane, Ken Regan, Juergen Klueners, David Sedgwick, Aris Marghetis, Gopakumar MS, Shaun Press, Sabrina de San Vicente, Alex Holowczak, Anantharam Rathinam, Hal Bond, Igor Vereshchagin, and Pierre Denommee). 

Any feedback, comments, and proposals to continue improving the Arbiters’ Manual are welcome! Feel free to address them to the ARB Commission and Councilor IA Shohreh Bayat, the leader of the ARB Manual Team ( &