ARB Lecturer Training Programme – CALL OF INTEREST

Training Arbiters worldwide is one of the major missions of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission. While FIDE Arbiter seminars are mostly organised with the support of Federations or Continental Chess Associations, Lecturers are under the direct responsibility of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission.

Since the inaugural sessions in 2008, almost 100 colleagues have been accredited as FIDE Lecturers touching approximately 11,000 candidates worldwide. Naturally, the list of Lecturers has been evolving over time and it currently contains 73 names: 6 of them covered more than 20 seminars over the years, while 12 colleagues are still waiting for their first seminar as the main Lecturer.

Whatever the profiles, differences in seniority, gender, location, etc. the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission wanted to have ALL Lecturers on board, to reach the next level of quality! That’s why we introduced in 2020 the Lecturer Training Programme (LTP). We want our teachers to be well trained, better supported in their mission and connected with each other.

The introduction of the FIDE Arbiter Training Portal earlier this year is another important milestone on our way to develop the sector of Arbiters’ Education! Step by step, the commission and the whole community will get better equipped to seek excellence as arbiters, for the well-being of chess players.

Call of interest

While priorities in the first part of the year were put on designing and executing the Online/Hybrid Arbiters’ Training Programme, we are now ready to open a call of interest to our colleagues who wish to contribute in the training of arbiters. This is the first step of the LTP recruitment process. The call is open to International Arbiters of category A or B. The experience in tournaments is important (and should be reflected by the category), however pedagogical skills and teaching ability are a must to be recruited.

Candidates interested should send their details to Alex McFarlane (EDU Leader – and Nebojsa Baralic (Secretary –, by November 20th 2021:

  • Identification and contact details
  • Arbiter resume, including languages spoken (with level of proficiency) and experience in teaching
  • Motivations to get accredited as a lecturer
  • Practical contribution: please submit 5 multiple choice questions which you would consider suitable to ask in a FIDE Arbiter Exam

It is hoped that most who express an interest can be included in the LTP.  However, if demand exceeds requirements, criteria used in selection will include the predicted geographical spread required in the near future and the quality of the practical contribution submitted.

The ARB Education Team