The FIDE Arbiters’ Commission has the pleasure to announce the opening for applications to the 2022 Arbiters’ Awards.

The requirements for the Arbiters to receive the FIDE Arbiter’s Award are:

a) 35 years of service as an IA (to hold the IA title since at least 1987)

b) Assignments as an Arbiter in at least three (3) FIDE Major Events (Olympiads, World Championships, etc.).

National Federations and Officials are kindly requested to send their proposals to: secretary.arbiters@fide.com and chairman.arbiters@fide.com with the name of the candidate, FIDE ID, the year he/she was awarded the International Arbiter title and the FIDE Major Events where he/she has worked.

The deadline to submit proposals is the 31st May 2022.

The Award Ceremony will take place during the 93rd FIDE Congress in Russia.

Laurent Freyd
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission