FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Korumdu (KGZ) – Report

From 16th to 18th July 2023, a FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar was organized in Korumdu, by the Kyrgyz Chess Union, under the auspices of FIDE.

The Lecturer was IA Vardapetyan, Ashot (ARM), FIDE Lecturer, and the Local Assistant Lecturer was IA Umarbekov, Aziz (KGZ).

The language of the Seminar was Russian.

Fifteen (15) arbiters from 2 federations (KAZ and KGZ) participated in the Seminar and all of them participated in the examination test, held after the end of the lectures.

The following succeeded in the test and they will be awarded a norm for the title of the FIDE Arbiter, after the approval of the next FIDE Council:

FIDE IDName (as on FIDE Profile)FED
13801651Lee, DariyaKGZ
13808079Isakov, MukhammadKGZ
13803085Narbekov, MamytbekKGZ
13840843Shafranov, IlyaKGZ
13806963Kerimbekov, KutmanKGZ
13708147Tukubayev, KazbekKAZ
13800329Korsakova, TatianaKGZ