Preparation of Hungarian arbiters for Olympiad in Budapest 2024

Budapest proudly hosted the first ever preparation seminar for arbiters of a Chess Olympiad! It took place in Hotel Danubius Arena 4*, on 15-16 June 2024.

The event was organized by the Hungarian Chess Federation in cooperation with FIDE, having 41 participants: 8 IA, 8 FA and 25 NA, or in other terms 28 men and 13 women arbiters from all over Hungary. 

The opening speech was given by the federation president, FA Zoltán Polyánszky dr., and lectures were given by IA Ivan Syrovy (Chair of the FIDE ARB Commission), IA Nebojsa Baralic (Secretary of FIDE ARB Commission) and IA Laurent Freyd (Chair of the FIDE PDC Commission), the HUN ARB Commission was represented by its Chair, IA Miklós Orsó. 

Sessions include visit to the venue of the 45th Chess Olympiad (BOK Stadium), as well as practical workshops, such as setting digital chess clocks, identifying illegal situations of a tournament, solving cases that may take place at a Chess Olympiad, preparation and conclusion of a match.  Theoretical part of seminar included topics like relevant regulations, preparation of arbiters for such an event, duties of match arbiters.

By the end of the course, more than 80% of the participants fulfilled the requirements of an Olympic Match Arbiter. FIDE Arbiters commission appreciates the idea of organizer to have a well-prepared team of arbiters from a hosting country. The importance of such an approach is not just that most of those arbiters never participated at Chess Olympiad, but it proves the understanding of the importance of every arbiter on Olympiad. We wish every arbiter is familiar with his/her position and feels that thanks to good preparation can contribute to a team success.

FIDE ARB Commission / HUN Chess Federation