Arbiters’ Training Project

The Arbiters’ Commission has the pleasure to announce the formation of a new sub-committee devoted to the development of the training and the continuing education of the Arbiters.
The sub-committee is being led by the Commission’s Chairman Takis Nikolopoulos and the Secretary Aris Marghetis.
The following people have already expressed their will to contribute to this project :

Takis Nikolopoulos (GRE)
Aris Marghetis (CAN)
Rathinam Anantharam (IND)
Geert Bailleul (BEL)
Stephen Boyd (FRA)
Alex Holowczak (ENG)
Poul Jacobsen (DEN)
Juergen Klueners (GER)
Alex McFarlane (SCO)
Guran Unal (TUR)
Gunther van den Bergh (RSA)
Mihail Prevenios (GRE)
Jamie Kenmure (AUS)
Pablyto Robert Baioco Ribeiro (BRA)
Andrzej Filipowicz (POL)

If you would also like to work for this project, please email your name and federation to the Secretary Aris Marghetis :

Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission