International Arbiter Workshop in Moscow, Russia

chessnewsThe FIDE Arbiters’ Commission (ARB) and the Russian Chess Federation (RCF) are pleased to invite participants to a Workshop for International Arbiters. 

Dates: The workshop will take place in Moscow on January 25 (Arrival date) – 28 (Departure date), 2019. 

Place: Lecture room № 216, 4/8, Wilhelma Piecka Street (“Botanichesky Sad” subway station), the Russian State Social University (RSSU). 

Targeted audience: International arbiters of all categories 

Participation fee: NO fee (free) 

Type of event: full-time 

Language: Russian 


25.01 (Friday) Day 1 – Arrivals 
26.01 (Saturday) Day 2
  · 11.0014.00  Laws of Chess (Refresher and updates on theory; practical examples)
  · 14.0016.00  Lunch
  · 16.00–18.00  Anti-cheating guidelines (Theory and practical examples) 
27.01  (Sunday) Day 3 
  · 11.00–13.00  FIDE Competition (Tournament) Rules (Refresher and practice of English usage in typical situations) 
  · 13.00–14.00  Examination test 
  · 14.0016.00 – Lunch 
  · 16.0017.00  Examination test results and post mortem 
  · 17.0018.00  Q&A (Laws of Chess, Anti-cheating guidelines, FIDE Competition Rules) and feedback. 
28.01  (Monday) Day 4 – Departures 

Lecturer: IA, IO Alexander Tkachev (RUS), FIDE Lecturer, Head of Technical Directorate of the Russian Chess Federation. 

Assistant Lecturer: IA, IO Vadim Tsypin (CAN). 

Applications for participation should be sent before midnight (12 a.m.) Moscow time January 24, 2019 via email to

Registration and hotel booking at

Participation expenses (travel expenses to the venue and back, accommodation and meal expenses) are at the expense of the sending organizations, sponsors or via personal means.