Obituary for ΙΑ Guzman Haensch, Hugo (1950-2020)

in memoriam guzman haensch hugoWe are sorry to inform you that on the night of April 13th our colleague IA Guzman Haensch, Hugo passed away.
Hugo Guzmán was an international arbiter from 1980, working those years for the FEDAJ (Chilean Chess Federation) led by Sergio Costagliola. At the end of the 80s he moved his residence to Buenos Aires (Argentina) where he consolidated his career as a referee, coming to be in charge as rating administrator of the FADA (Argentine Chess Federation) and arbiters teacher for CBX (Brazil Chess Federation).
During those years he also officiated as Chief Arbiter of the World Youth Championship in Chile (1990) and the World Youth Championship in Buenos Aires (1992), also in charge of many national championships of the Argentine chess championship, in different categories.
His last years he worked to the Chilean Chess Federation as a rating administrator, also leading the teaching process and the development of the main national tournaments in Chile.
Hugo leaves many friends, students and colleagues who admired him for his thorough knowledge and application of the laws of chess as well as his constant effort to give the role of the chess arbiter the importance and relevance it deserves.
Let him rest in peace.