Introducing Fair Play Regulations and Best practices

26 June 3-6 PM CEST – A joint FPL/ARB Webinar.

Topics of the seminar:
1. Theory: What is cheating and why do we fight it?
2. Regulations: ACR and ACPM
3. FPL/EDC Procedures
4. Case studies
5. Best practices for Organizers
6. Best practices for Arbiters
7. Q&Α

Lecturers were:
• Nebojsa Baralic (Secretary of the Arbiters’ Commission (ARB) – IA/IO)
• Klaus Deventer (Member of Fair Play Commission (FPL ) – IA )
• Laurent Freyd (Chairman of the Arbiters’ Commission (ARB) – IA)
• Yuri Garrett (Secretary of the Fair Play Commission (FPL) – IO)
• Konstantin Landa (Councillor at the Fair Play Commission (FPL) – FIDE Senior Trainer)
• Michail Prevenios (Member of Fair Play Commission (FPL) – IA/IO)
• Salomeja Zaksaite (Chairperson of the Fair Play Commission (FPL)