A fruitful week in the office !

The last 7 days were very prolific for the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission on the way to move forward with 2021!

On Friday 22nd, a meeting with councillors was held with the main topic “Online & Hybrid Arbiters”, followed by a review with PDC Chairperson and Secretary on Monday 25th to share our vision and agree on the next steps to make it concrete and support the development of federations.

On Tuesday 26th, a cross commission meeting with GSC Secretary with a main focus on the process of nomination of arbiters.

Finally on Wednesday 27th, we hosted a session with QC Chairman and Secretary, to anticipate the arrival of hybrid events and share about the tools used by both commissions.

Not forgetting the first continental meeting which was the subject of a prior post.

Step by step … the ARB continues to act for the global improvement of our sector, in team with other key players!