ARB Training Programme – Session 01

The launch of a new programme is always a special moment. We wanted this first session to embody the ambition of the ARB Commission to embrace our whole community of arbiters and support as many federations as possible, through the composition of the group:

  • 31 arbiters from 31 Federations! All 4 continents represented.
  • Men (24) and Women (7)
  • National Arbiters, FIDE Arbiters and International Arbiters
  • Experienced online arbiters and beginners

We are thankful for the spontaneous feedback of one of the participants to our Education Team Leader, after the first lecture of the course:

Hi Alex,
That was excellent, as you may be aware, I have been doing online stuff at least once a month and got involved with the British as well so, even with that sort of experience, it was good to cover all the basics and wrinkles that have come up. If the rest of the course is the same as that it will be well worth it.
The mind map thing will be very useful as that should evolve through all the courses as others input things that we didn’t think about.
John McNicoll (SCO)

Session 01 took place on the 12-13-14-15 April 2021. The following participants attended, from 31 federations.

NAAlaraibi, MahmoodBRN
IABauyrzhan, KausarKAZ
IABerti Contreras, LorenginisCHI
IACollaku, MarinALB
NAEsmonde, DavidAUS
NAGaitan, NorlanNCA
IAGriffith, TrevorBAR
IAKadimova, IlahaAZE
FAKouya, Tyeoulou Bernadin FranklinCIV
IALarkin, SergiiUKR
FALauronen, JoukoFIN
NAMcNicoll, John DSCO
FAMouton, GertonNAM
IANicula, Dinu-IoanROU
NANoel, RoderickTTO
IAPerez Llera, JavierESP
IAPolovina, ElenaRUS
IAPopova, NatalijaBLR
NARakotoniaina Tiana JohannaMAD
IARasmussen, PerDEN
FARugabira, Girizina ChristellaRWA
NASigurdarson, Tomas VeigarISL
IASiradze, SalomeGEO
IASokolski, AleksanderPOL
IATabti, MerouaneALG
FATaljaard, KarenRSA
IATuryahabwe, ChristopherUGA
IAVergara Palomino, Jorge LuisPER
NAWagener, ClaudeLUX
FAWeerasekara, TharinduSRI
IAWolter, JensGER