ARB Training Programme – Basic Session 17 & Advanced 04

One hundred and forty-two !!! This is the final number of federations who had at least 1 arbiter actually attending our training programme. It represents more than 7 federations out of 10 – probably that only the Olympiads score better in terms of wide attendance. Well done to our dear 500 colleagues Arbiters who contributed to this record !

Session 17 closes the Basic Course for the initial programme. However, in the future, the course will continue to be scheduled for colleagues who wish to learn about online and hybrid chess for Arbiters.

Wishing great tournaments to all those who took part in the programme and spread the knowledge in your federations!

Basic Session 17 took place on the 19-20 June 2021. The following participants attended, cumulating 142 federations in the programme:

Basic Session 17

FABerisha, AgonKOS
IABroich, WilliamUSA
IADias, Carlos OliveiraPOR
FAGerguri, FatmirKOS
NAGuimaraes, RuiPOR
IAKastner, WalterAUT
FAKehr, JuergenGER
IALagerman, RobertISL
FAMarinello, DarioITA
FAMsibi, DumsaneSWZ
FANavalta, RickyPHI
NANeri, Susan GracePHI
NAPitterson, JonathanJAM
NARichards, DeborahJAM
FARoderick PlantLAO
IARuetten, MichaelGER
FASerag El Din, MohebEGY
FATuul, TarmoEST
FAWang, She-Yung ChristinaTPE

Advanced Session 04 was organised on 12-13-19-20 June 2021, with the following participants:

IAAndrade, Nuno FilipePOR
NABennion, William Robert RaymondFIJ
IABirk, BojanCRO
IABrokko, MargitEST
IAChristensen, VernerDEN
IADimitrijevic, AleksandraSRB
IAGerontopoulos, ProdromosGRE
IAGimenez Canadas, CarlosESP
IAHall, CraigNZL
NAIshdagva, OtgonbatMGL
IAJerdy, Rafael Rafic RoncoliBRA
FAKim, ChrisUSA
FAKing, Eduard NormanRSA
FAKontogianni, Maria-HristinaGRE
FAKouya, Tyeoulou Bernadin FranklinCIV
IALopang, TshepisoBOT
IAMkumbwa GiltonMAW
NAMohammed, TattanSYR
IAOyunchimeg, GendenMGL
FAPiechot, SteffenGER
IAPolovina, ElenaRUS
IARasmussen, PerDEN
IASedgwick, DavidENG
IASegovia, Luis AlbertoBOL
FASharata, AhmedLBA
FASztaray, JuditUSA
FATaljaard, KarenRSA
NATirador, EliasGUM
FAUrbina Quiroz, EdwinCRC
NAWoelfle, FabianGER