Arbiters for the 44th Olympiad in Chennai 2022

The Arbiters’ Team that will officiate in the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India 2022, has been selected.

Arbiters below have been invited and accepted their nomination. The list is mostly reusing the selection made in 2020 for the aborted Olympiad in Moscow, when a call of interest collected answers from 526 Arbiters from 136 federations and feedback from 101 Federations. 112 Foreign Match Arbiters were selected. Following the 1st FIDE Council 2022, Continents were also consulted and some of their suggestions were used to replace colleagues who withdrew from the team.

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* Selected colleagues who are not able to attend in 2022 are not shown on the list. The list will be updated as we proceed with replacements and colleagues from India will also be added when their selection is finalised.