A new launch date for IA Certification Seminars requirements – 1st January 2024

The FIDE Arbiters’ Commission is proud to announce that the 1st FIDE Council 2022 has approved the Arbiters’ Commission’s proposal to move the date when IA Certification Seminar norms are mandatory for IA title applications to 01/01/2024. A first such seminar should be organised by the begining of 2023 to open the way.

Changes of priorities during the pandemic impacted our initial plans and we considered it more appropriate to adapt the sequence of deployment of new training for arbiters:

  • Online and hybrid courses were implemented in 2021 instead of the Refresher courses as initially scheduled;
  • Refresher courses are starting in 2022 (a detailed news is coming soon about them);
  • IA certification courses requirements are pushed forward by 18 months, as a consequence.

Two articles in B06.1 – FIDE Regulations for the Titles of Arbiters have been changed.

Art. 2.2  Applications for FA and IA titles shall include 4 norms.

Articles 3 and 4 describe requirements for these norms and criteria to be respected for the corresponding events.

From 1st January 2024, IA Title Applications shall include 5 norms (1 from a seminar).

Art. 4.7     From 1st January 2024: Attendance of one (1) International Arbiters’ Certification Seminar with a positive readiness evaluation.