Decisions of 2013 Tallinn FIDE Congress

Dear friends,
after the approval of the 2013 Tallinn FIDE Congress you can find :
(1). The Minutes of the Arbiters’ Commission Meeting here.
(2). The updated Regulations for the titles of Arbiters here (B.06).
(3). The updated Regulations for the training of the Arbiters (Annex 1).
(4). The updared Regulations forr the classification of the Arbiters (Annex 2).
(5). The updated lists of the Arbiters of the A’, B’, C’ and D’ Categories (Annexes 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d).
(6). The updated List of Lecturers (Annex 1b).
(7). The Structure of the Arbiters in FIDE events (Annex 4).