ARB Councilors’ Meeting in Dubai

The FIDE Arbiters Commission held their first in person Councilors’ Meeting at the Bristol Hotel in Dubai, from September 2nd – September 3rd 2023. The ARB Commission Members present were Chairman Ivan Syrovy, Secretary Nebojsa Baralic, Councilors’ Chanda Nsakanya, Mahdi Abdulrahim, and Han Yajun. The meeting was also attended by Sava Stoisavljevic, FIDE COO and member of the FIDE Management Board.

There were two Online ZOOM Meetings organized during those two days. We welcomed the FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, GSC Secretary Pavel Tregubov, EVE Honorary Chairman Ozgur Solakoglu, EVE Secretary Yana Sidorchuk and ARB Councilor Enrique Zaragoza.

The ARB Commission would like to express gratitude towards all present participants, both in person and via ZOOM.

The team started by reviewing the activities covered in the first 10 months of the ARB Commission, and continued with two main topics of the meeting: Panels of arbiters 2024-2025 and arbiters’ stipends in world events. The first day was dedicated for the receiving of proposals of panels, especially the procedure and criteria, and the second day was dedicated for Stipends.


The call of interest to be selected in World Events is closed. We thank everyone who supported the initiative, and relayed the information in federations as well as to all candidates (583) who answered the call of interest which was initiated from July 24th 2023 to 28th August 2023.

The Commission discussed further activities, individual applications (143 Arbiters of Category A & B), as well as the criteria for the selection of arbiters. Also, the Commission discussed the proposals for panels from Continental Arbiters Commissions.

The Criteria for the selection of arbiters: gender (25% women arbiters), experience and level of arbiters’ category, preparation of arbiter event, wishes of arbiters, software skills, Language (English), leading abilities, skills to work with others, good teamwork, activity in the last few years, arbiters’ misbehavior, etc.

ARB Commission will prepare first draft of Panels and share this proposal with Team of Consultants (representatives of FIDE Council, Management Board, GSC and EVE). After discussion with the Team of Consultants ARB Councilors will prepare the new proposal with respect to the feedback from Team of Consultants. The final list of Panels for 2024-2025 should be published before November 1st 2023 in web page of ARB.


The system of panels is explained in the FIDE Handbook, B06.4 – FIDE Regulations for the appointments of Arbiters in World Events ( There are 4 panels, named by color:

The Green Panel will now consist of 25 International Arbiters of category A

The Blue Panel will now consist of 45 International Arbiters of category A or B

The Red Panel will now consist of 60 International Arbiters of category A or B

New panels of arbiters will be formed, following the published procedural rules, and considering selection criteria to help making the final lists.


The ARB Commission on its second day discussed the proposals from EVE and GSC Commissions as well as our two proposals.

EVE Commission Chairman Akaki Iashvilli sent all involved the proposal of Stipend regulation for World events under the control of EVE Commission, and GSC Secretary Pavel Tregubov shared the proposal of the GSC Commission. ARB Commission will prepare the proposal of arbiters’ stipends for FIDE World Events, and share it with EVE Commission and GSC Commission therefore after their feedback it can be sent to the FIDE Council for the final approval