FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Manila, PHILIPPINES

FIDE Arbiters  Seminar- Manila PHILIPPINES 2017

From 3 to 5 March 2017 a FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar was organized in Manila, Philippines, by the National Chess Federation of Philippines in cooperation with the Asian Chess Federation and under auspices of FIDE.

The lecturer was IA Casto Abundo (PHI), FIDE Lecturer.

The lectures were in English language.

Sixteen (16) National Arbiters from Philippines participated in the Seminar

Fifteen (15) of them participated in the examination test, held after the end of the lectures and the following succeeded in the test and will be awarded a norm for the FIDE Arbiter title and after the approval of the FIDE Presidential Board:

FIDE ID              Name Fed
5214637 Ferdinand R. Reyes Jr. PHI
5228506  Reden A. Cruz PHI
5228492  Noenyrie H. Asiri PHI
5226910 Norlino Tagalog PHI
5228476 Salvador Granatin PHI
5200652 Richard R. de la Cruz PHI
5228530 Judith R. Radi PHI
5228484 Marvin B. Bronoso PHI
5228557 Noel C. Morales PHI
5228514 Francis A. Ramos PHI
5216540 Ronnie M. Tabudlong PHI
5202698 Rudy L. Ibanez PHI
5223660 Baltazar A. Rafales PHI
5228549 Roderick Salomon Radi PHI
5228522 Consolacion A. Aninipo PHI

IA Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission