On the way to Chennai for the Arbiters’ Team!

Today was another historical day for the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission!

We announced it as we shared our vision, it has now become a reality: the FIDE ARB wants to seek any opportunities to leverage the quality of Arbiters and support their growth worldwide; using FIDE Events as a development tool for a better player experience.

A preparation programme was set up for the Arbiters’ Team of the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai and the first session was held today, grouping almost 200 arbiters from nearly 100 federations. The team was welcomed by the Chief Arbiter and Chairman of the ARB, Laurent Freyd, before the ARB Councillor in charge of World Events Preparation, Omar Salama, introduced the team structure, arbiters roles and team work expected in a chess olympiad.

There was a good interaction during the session and each of the 12 sectors will now form teams, to get ready together for the main event of the year.

A second online session is planned for the 17th of July, before a final preparation day on the 28th of July, at the Olympiad venue, to practice in real conditions.

Good luck to the team & gens una sumus!